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PSI R&D Automatic Multi-Peptide Synthesizer

Adopting the patented 180 degree up and down mechanical stirring technology, synchronous synthesis of 3/6 peptides of different lengths, amino acid activation can be completed at a preset temperature, the reaction temperature can be adjusted, the temperature can be controlled for the development of the process, but also can be quickly completed the peptide sequence of the synthesis of the model is compact, is a miniature peptide library screening, peptide impurity spectra synthesis, teaching and researching the tool often used.

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GMP Large Scale Automatic Peptide Synthesizer ※ The history products are only for display. ※ PSI600 has been modified and updated to the PSI586. ModelChannelsRV (mL)Scale (mmol)Amino Acid TankSolvent TankReused Solvent ChannelPSI60012L / 10L10-100452PSI60015L / 20L25-200452 HARDWARE FEATURES -Production scale, up to10 kg per batch -Adjustable […]
R&D Automatic Peptide Synthesizer ※ The history products are only for display. ※ PSI300 has been modified and updated to the PSI319. ModelChannelsRV (mL)Scale (mmol)Amino Acid TankSolvent TankPSI3001400.25-0.5108PSI300140/1000.25-1.25108 HARDWARE FEATURES -Adjustable 180/270 degree inverse mixing system ensures thorough homogenous resin mixing -The PSI-first-invented solvent recycle system […]
R&D Peptide Synthesizer ※ The history products are only for display. ※ PSI200 has been modified and updated to the PSI286 and PSI386. ModelChannelsRV (mL)Scale (mmol)Amino Acid TankSolvent TankPSI2003 or 6100.0625-0.12504PSI2003 or 6200.125-0.2504PSI2003 or 6400.25-0.504PSI20031000.625-1.2504PSI20032001.25-2.504 HARDWARE FEATURES -Up to six peptides can be synthesized simultaneously -Two […]

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