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PSI400 Pilot Scale Automatic Peptide Synthesizer

    ※ The history products are only for display.  
    ※ PSI400 has been modified and updated to the PSI486.
    ModelChannelsRV (mL)Scale (mmol)Amino Acid TankSolvent Tank
    PSI4001100 / 2001.25-2.578
    PSI4001200 / 5001.25-6.2578
    PSI4001200 / 10006.25-3078


    -Synthesis scale meets both R&D and Production needs
    -Adjustable 180 degree inverse mixing system ensures thorough and homogenous resin mixing
    -The PSI-first-invented solvent recycle system can save up to 40% solvents
    -Sophisticated solvent delivery system eliminates the possible solvent cross contamination
    -Solvents are transferred accurately by the pressure of the inert gas
    -Peptide is synthesized under the inert atmosphere in a closed system
    -Leak detection system prevents possible synthesis failure due to inadequate solvent or gas
    -All frames are made of 316L stainless steel and coated by Teflon
    -Maintenance free digital servo motor providing years of reliable service 


    -Digital Signature Technology is used to prevent any possible data modification
    -Quadruple password protection prevents any unauthorized operation
    -Any action during the synthesis is permanently recorded and stored in a secured database
    -User friendly pre-programmed software is easy to learn, edit and run
    -Every parameter such as coupling time, numbers of washes, reagents delivery, etc. can be specified by user
    -Each synthesis step is displayed on the screen in text as well as diagrams
    -Pre-formatted data records makes printing easy
    -The synthesis is backed up by the software even when a power failure has occurred


    Reaction Vessel:200 ml/500ml/1000 ml
    Amino Acids Reservoirs:Seven, 50ml or 100 ml 
    Batch Size:1 g to 100g
    Activation:Pre/in-situ activation
    Activation Method:HOBT/DIC/DCC/HBTU/Opfp/HATU/Bop etc.
    Reaction Vessel:200 ml to 1000 ml, Glass
    Amino Acids Reservoirs:200 ml to 1000 ml, Glass
    Reagent Reservoirs:0.5L × 5、4L × 2、30L × 1
    RV Mixing Speed:0-100 rpm, adjustable via software
    Operating System:Windows 7
    Power:220V 50Hz, or 110V 60Hz
    Dimension:1108 mm x 620 mm x 720 mm (L x W x D)
    Weight:230 Ib. (120 Kg)