TYPERV VolumeAA CHANNELSolvent ChannelRS ChannelWL Channel
PSI68630L or 50L1523
PSI786200L or 300L1323
Note: “RV” is Reactor Vessel; “AA” is Amino Acid; “S” is Solvent; “RS” is Reused Solvent; “WL” is Waste  Liquid.


Proprietary Technology
· Initiated in 1995, PSI introduced the [reactor kettle turns upside-down to drive the solid phase resin to collide violently with the reactants] mixing mode
· The exclusive double-arm large scale reactor support: PSI686 & PSI786
· No stirring paddle in the reactor, no solid-solid collision, no resin damage
· >99.5% coupling efficiency 
Robust, Reliable, Durable 
· The overall structure is made of 304/316L stainless steel 
· International standard oil-free electronic servo motor system, no maintenance required
· International standard PLC control module, more reliable
· International standard pneumatic valve
Reaction Conditions
· Reaction environment, all chemical transportation and reactions, are carried out under N2/Ar protection
· Temperature control: reactions are carried out under constant temperature controlled by circulating water 
Asynchronous Multichannel
· Each peptide can apply its own synthesis method in multi-channel synthesizers
· Resin can be added for synthesis, and the saturated resin can be removed at any time
Safety Protection
· Users can force the device to stop under special cases
· When open the reactor chamber door, the reactor stops immediately
UV Monitor
· Monitor the absorption peak spectrum produced by Fmoc and piperidine complex (by concentration)


Personnel Management
· 2 modes of identity verification: password and face recognition (optional)
· 4 levels of management system: admin, QC, product manager and operators
· Different management levels have different operation authorities
Prefab Program
· The user can input the peptide sequence and pair it with the prefabrication program to start the synthesis
· The user can calibrate the prefab programs to meet specific needs
· Amino acid library; customize various amino acids, fluorescent markers and other modification groups
Fragment Replacement
· Manually synthesis peptide fragments with low coupling rate
· Mark the modified peptide fragments in the program, and the program will automatically replace the corresponding paragraph
Pipeline Washing
· After adding reagents and amino acid, the synthesizer automatically starts the washing function
· N2 and washing solvent alternately clean 3 times to ensure the through cleaning
Data Log
· Log directory: recording starting time, run file, creator, product name, product number, batch number, reactor specification, synthesis scale, resin, resin substitution value, custom part
· Running log: recording time, amino acids, modules, commands, parameters, operators
· Audit trail: recording all logins, logouts, additions, deletions, modifications, data import, data export, etc.
Data Storage
· Digital signature: all operations automatically generate electronic signature
· Data storage: all records and signatures cannot be added, deleted or modified
· Data backup: synchronously back up all operations to the designated database