From 1988 to 2000, John Ye served as the chief scientist of United Biomedical, Inc., USA, and was responsible for the R&D of peptide diagnostic reagents, peptide vaccines and the production of GMP peptide vaccines.

During the process of producing peptide raw materials of peptide foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, Dr. Ye found that the traditional SPPS adopts the mixing mode that “reactor fixed, and the collision between solid-phase resin and reactant is driven by agitator”. In the manner, the resin will be easily deformed and damaged, and largely reduce the coupling rate; moreover, the fragments of broken resin will clog the sieve plate, which will affect the liquid discharge speed. In order to avoid resin breakage, in 1995, Dr. Ye successfully tested the mixing mode without stirring paddle which “reactor turns up-and-down to drive the resin to collide violently with the reactant”. This laid a foundation of the production of super long peptide of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine. 

In order to ensure the security of electronic data of the operation log, as well as meet the US FDA standards, in 2000, Dr. Ye successfully developed the electronic record and electronic signature which complies with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11; aimed to reduce of cost of waste liquid treatment, in 2001, Dr. Ye invented the solvent recycling system, and directly saved 40% washing solvent; to guarantee the equipment material's chemical stability, in 2001, Dr. Ye developed a production scale automatic peptide synthesizer which is fully made of 316L stainless steel.

In 2002, John Ye founded Peptide Scientific Inc. in New York, and launched the solid phase fully automated peptide synthesizer which combined all the advantages and features mentioned above.

During the 20 year history, PSI insisted on being the industry leader, and gradually obtained a number of technical patents. PSI has also introduced face recognition system to ensure confidentiality; and in the past years, PSI had broaden the product categories to not only production scale, but also include R&D, pilot and ultra-large scale. PSI never stops innovating and growing!