Provide Best Peptide Synthesizers
Currently PSI offers 8 different models of products to the universities, research institutes, medical centers, peptide core facilities, biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies. These instruments cover all peptide synthesis requirements with different synthesis scales, different chemistry, GMP synthesis, fully automation; single or multiple peptides synthesis, etc. Our highly experienced peptide chemists and engineers are ready to answer any questions you may have through our technique support.

Provide High-quality Peptide Synthesis Raw Materials
Including all synthesis-related reagents and solvents as follows.
Solvents: NMP, DMF, DCM, MeOH, etc.
Deprotection reagent: piperidine.
Coupling reagents: HOBt, DIC, HBTU, HATU, HCTU, DIPEA, etc.
Acetylation reagents: acetic anhydride, anhydrous acetic acid.

Provide Spare Parts and Repair Services
We provide each customer with complete installation training, remote or on-site diagnosis and maintenance services;
Spare parts replacement and repair services are provided to users who have purchased previous series of PSI200~600 device.

Provide World-class Vaccine
Peptide Vaccine research is another important field of PSI. Our research team has found some very promising peptide vaccine candidates that could prevent or cure HIV, Allergy, Alzheimer’s disease, Prostate Cancer, Foot-Mouth-Disease, Pat Allergy, Pet Contraceptive and Boar Taint, etc. We have solid cooperation with professional biological vaccine technology companies, and we would like to collaborate with biotech or pharmaceutical companies who are interested in these projects.
Current vaccine products we have:
·Human HIV Vaccine
·Human Allergy Vaccine
·Human Alzheimer’s Disease Vaccine
·Human Prostate Cancer Vaccine
·Animal Foot and Mouse Disease Vaccine
·Pet Castration Vaccine