Designed in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11, PSI586 adopts 180 degree up and down turning mechanical stirring mode, which has no dead angle of reaction and high coupling efficiency, and at the same time, it can satisfy the needs of users for process development, pilot plant and production.


  • Reaction temperature can be adjusted to meet the needs of process synthesis
  • Efficient and flexible, can develop appropriate and efficient synthesis strategy for each site of
  • amino acids
  • Amino acid activation, can accurately control the temperature of amino acid activation, to meet the needs of peptide synthesis process development
  • Programming, importing peptide sequences, and creating the right combination of program modules for each amino acid independently
  • Process control, all chemical storage, transfer and addition and reaction under nitrogen/argon protection throughout the process
  • 180 degrees up and down mechanical stirring mode, infinitely adjustable speed, reaction without dead angle, no stirring paddle, solid-phase resin will not be destroyed
  • Solvent alarm, automatic calculation of additive consumption of solvents, timely reminder of the user to replenish the relevant solvents
  • Fragment peptide identification and recording, after labelling the pre-synthesized peptide fragments, the software will automatically adjust the corresponding synthesis procedures
  • Amino acid library, customisable with various amino acids, fluorescent labels and other modification groups
  • Pipe cleaning, after adding non-neutral solvent, the instrument starts the self-cleaning function to ensure that all pipes are clean
  • 21 CFR Part 11 design, all operations automatically complete the electronic signature, all records can not be added, deleted, modified
  • Audit trail to record all logins, logouts, additions, deletions, modifications, data imports, data exports, etc
  • Data security, all operations can be synchronised backup to the designated database
  • Management rights, five identity operation rights, password and face recognition (optional) double identity authentication system

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remote control

  • Through the network, the user can operate the instrument at home, and the instrument can also send you emails to report the operation status.
  • With the user’s permission, the manufacturer can operate and diagnose the equipment remotely, train the user remotely, help the user to find faults, solve problems and improve
  • the efficiency of the equipment.

ultraviolet double mapping

  • UV monitoring, UV detection of deprotection solution, generation of absorbance profiles and columnar profiles, formation of UV dual graphical logs

Data logs

  • Running log, record start time, module, command, parameter, amino acid, project name, project number, product name, product lot number, operator, running file, creator
  • Material traceability, record resin, amino acid, solvent and other material number, internal batch number, manufacturer, factory batch number and basic parameters, etc

Audit trail

  • Record all logins, logouts, additions, deletions, modifications, data imports, data exports, etc

Model parameters

Type ChannelsReactor (ml)Amino Acid BottleSolvent TankDime nsions cm


  • Single channel moles:7.5~250mmol
  • Amino acid storage tank specification:500ml or 1L or 2L
  • 316L stainless steel solvent storage tank:20L, 60L, 150L
  • Stirring mode:180 degrees up and down mechanical stirring mode
  • Stirring speed:0 to 30 rpm, infinitely adjustable
  • Solvent flow rate:1~2L/min
  • Stirring power:electronic servo motor
  • Machine structure:304 stainless steel integrated production
  • Host power supply:110/220 volts,50/60 Hz
  • Appearance size:89cm wide 92cm deep 165cm high
  • Host weight:450k



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