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    R&D Peptide Synthesizer

    ※ The history products are only for display.  
    ※ PSI200 has been modified and updated to the PSI286 and PSI386.
    ModelChannelsRV (mL)Scale (mmol)Amino Acid TankSolvent Tank
    PSI2003 or 6100.0625-0.12504
    PSI2003 or 6200.125-0.2504
    PSI2003 or 6400.25-0.504


    -Up to six peptides can be synthesized simultaneously
    -Two sizes of reaction vessel (35 ml and 200 ml) are available for each peptide synthesis
    -User adds amino acids and activators, the instrument does the rest  
    -180° inverse mixing system ensures thorough homogenous resin mixing
    -Solvent delivery system is designed to eliminate the possible solvent cross contamination
    -On-board TFA Cleavage is available
    -Digital step motor provides reliable service


    -Single chip technology runs faster and more reliable than computer 
    -User friendly pre-programmed software is very easy to learn, edit and run
    -Every parameter such as coupling time, numbers of washes, reagents delivery, etc. can be specified by user
    -Programs and synthesis steps are displayed on the LED screen on the instrument


    Batch Size:100 mg to 10 g per channel
    Activation:Pre/in-situ activation
    Activation Method:HOBT/DIC/DCC/HBTU/Opfp/HATU/Bop etc.
    Reaction Vessel:35 ml and 200 ml, Glass
    Reagent Reservoirs:500 ml and 4 L Bottle, Glass
    Computer:P4 or above, 40G, 512 Memory, RS-232 communication
    Operating System:Windows XP
    Power:220V 50Hz, or 110V 60Hz
    Dimension:800mm x 500mm x 550mm(WxHxD)