Three-Channel Peptide Synthesizer


Asynchronous multi-channel automatic synthesis of peptides

  • A variety of peptides of different lengths and difficulties are specially developed for universities and research institutes.
  • In the traditional R&D multi-chaneel peptide synthesizer, each peptide must be synthesized synchronously or sequentially, and the synthesis method must be the same during synthesis, which cannot meet the needs of scientific research users who want to synthesis peptides under different conditions at the same time.

PSI 286 is able to synthesis 3 peptide chains with different lengths,different difficulty and different sequences synchronously / asynchronously.

The degree of automation is high, and all synthesis is controlled by the program without manual intervention, which is efficient and convenient.

30 amino acid automatic sampling system

The amino acid auto-sampling system is equipped with 30 amino acid bottles, which can meet the requirements of amino acid types required for the synthesis of any peptide.

In addition to adding 20 kinds of natural amino acids, artificial unnatural amino acids can also be selected independently, all activation methods and activators, including in-situ or pre-activation.

Safe and efficient water bath heating technology

The outer layer of each reactor has a transparent double jacket, and the temperature adjustment range is -20-90℃, which is more stable than the traditional microwave heating method and can avoid the occurence of side reactions of racemization.



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