• Scope of use: this peptide synthesizer is specially designed by PSI for major hospitals, colleges and universities, laboratories and other scientific research unit. It can be used for peptide drug screening, peptide research and development, etc.
  • This instrument can perform parallel/non-parallel synthesis of 1-6 different peptides simultaneously or at the different time, with high R&D efficiency and low labor cost.
  • A wide range of synthesis, each channel can synthesis 10mg to 10g of peptites each time;
  • Different peptide can be applied with different synthesizing method and diffucilties.
  • If you are looking for a small, affordable multi-channel peptide synthesizer and require full automation to save labor costs and time, then the PSI386 is your best choice.
  • Except for the manual addition of amino acids and condensation reagents, the PSI386 instrument is fully automated in all other reactions and cleaning processes, which is very suitable for researchers who need to measure the coupling rate of each amino acid.
  • Adopting 180° upside-down stirring method, the reaction has no dead angle, the resin is not damaged, and the peptide coupling rate is high;
  • Modular design, the function and number of channels of the instrument can be reset at any time as needed;
  • Under the control of the programmed software, all amino acid solutions, peptide synthesis solvents, and waste liquids can be automatically and quantitatively added or discharged according to the instructions.


Protecting group:Fmoc

Activation method:预活化,沉淀活化







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