Boc/HOBt/DCC 0.10 Modules

For examples of cycles and runs you can create with these modules, see Boc/HOBt/DCC Cycles.

Module a – Activation Total time = 17 minutes

At the beginning of module “a”, the old cartridge is ejected and the new cartridge is advanced.

NMP (1.7mL) is added to the cartridge followed by 1M HOBt (1mL). After 11 minutes, the dissolved amino acid is transferred to the ACT where 1M DCC (1mL) is added.

Because the peptide-resin is coupling in the RV during all but the first activation, the RV is vortexed during module “a”.

Module b – TFA Deprotection TFA脱保护 Total time = 16 minutes

The first operation in module b is a DCM wash of the resin. This is followed by a 3-minute treatment with 25% TFA and a 11-minute treatment with 50% TFA. The module finishes with an RV drain.

Module c – DCM Wash Total time = 1.5 minutes

Module “c” consists of 4 DCM washes with a resin-sample line wash added to the first wash. Module c is used two times in a synthesis cycle: once after the TFA deprotection (module b) and once after capping (module g).

Module d – DIEA Neutralization and NMP Wash Total time = 4.5 minutes

There are two treatment of approximately 5% DIEA in NMP. DIEA is added from the bottom, the top and from the resin-sample line to fully neutralize the entire vessel.

There are 5 NMP washes with a resin-sample line wash added to the third and fifth washes.



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